Jun 30 2008

Vision & Goals

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Jackson County

Communities That Care Coalition (JCCTCC) and the Jackson County Youth Coalition (JCYC)

Vision:              Building Healthy Youth by Reducing Destructive Behaviors

Mission:            Building healthy youth and communities by working together through collaborative planning and community action designed to reduce/eliminate destructive behaviors and develop youth into productive community members.

The JCCTCC and the JCYC will address the following substance abuse problems within the county:

  • Accessibility of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs
  • Community norms favorable toward drug use
  • Lack of awareness/misinformation about the dangers associated with drug use

Other recently identified problems to be addressed include:
Social Media misuse

Goal #1:  Establish and strengthen collaboration among communities, private nonprofit agencies, and Federal, State, local and tribal governments to support the efforts of community coalitions to prevent and reduce substance abuse and other destructive behaviors among youth.

 Goal #2:  Reduce substance abuse and other destructive behaviors among youth and, over time, among adults by addressing factors in the community that increase the risk of destructive behaviors and promoting the factors that minimize the risk of destructive behaviors.

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