Jul 02 2008


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PARTICIPATING AGENCIES: (List continually updated)
· Boys and Girls Club
· Chamber of Commerce
· City of Holton
* Community Health Care System
· Denison State Bank
· Evangel UMC
· Farmers State Bank
· Fresh Start Learning Center
· Holton Community Hospital
Holton Family Health Center
LifeCare Fitness Center
· Holton Parks & Rec.
* Holton Police Dept.
· Holton Recorder
· Holton Schools
· Jackson Co. EMS
· Jackson Co. Sheriff Office
· Jackson Co. Resource Center
· Jackson County Youth Coalition
· Jackson Heights Schools
  KS National Guard DDR                                                                              
· Meadowlark Extension District
· Parents as Teachers
· PBP Head Start
· Royal Valley Schools
· Tobacco Use Prevention Project
· Potawatomi Tribal Police
· Youth Friends
· Youth Services
* Ja Co Attorney
* KANZA Mental Health
* YMCA Battered Women’s Task Force

Addie Larson               

Adrianne Walsh             

Ali Holcomb                

Annette Marten           

Bonnie Williams                

Dana Michael 

Debbie Harshaw 

David Powel   

Deanne Armstrong       

Dee Barrow                  

Deidra leavendusky     

Donna Cornwell    

Gary Sorensen   

Chief Gayle Gakle

Hope Adame       

Jim Holloman               

Jim meyer                    

John Rundle     

Katie Petesch   

Barb Schul           

Laurel King                 

Laverne Haag              

Lisa Balaun                  

Margie Grace                                                   

Michelle Finnegan          

Nancy Daniels             

Nancy Myer                

Nancy Nelson             

Nathan Hale                

Rex Frazier                  

Rod Meyer                  

Sheriff Tom Morse      

Susan Pfrang               

Susan Rhule                 

Teri Griffiths                               

Timothy Prine             

Traci Frazier                

Wendy Simmons         

Shawna Miller
Sheri Dibbern

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